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3 June 2020

Seeing stars

Astronomers have spent hundreds and thousands of years studying the night sky and documenting the vast area that is space. Here are some top tips to help with your stargazing.
1 June 2020

June wellness calendar

Look after all elements of your health and wellbeing with our 30 day wellness calendar.
27 May 2020

General knowledge trivia

Put your knowledge to the test with our multiple choice, general knowledge quiz! Or if you need a round for your virtual quiz this week, consider the work done for you.
27 May 2020

Top tips on getting a good night's sleep

Known to help protect you from health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity, sleep is an important factor for your health and wellbeing and not getting enough of it can adversely affect your immune system and leave you susceptible to colds.
21 May 2020

Construction update

We are excited to share with you some new drone images from Mayfield Watford.
19 May 2020

Baked chocolate and raspberry tart recipe

This simple chocolate and raspberry tart requires only a few ingredients and is a delicious sweet treat to whip up one weekend.
19 May 2020

Explore the world - virtually

Discover one of the largest palaces in the world in Italy, or marvel at the spectacular carpet of tulips in Holland. Explore these must-see experiences from across the globe from the comfort of your own home.
14 May 2020

'Dingbats’ quiz

Visual brain teasers to keep you entertained.
14 May 2020

Raspberry Royale Fizz recipe

A refreshing raspberry cocktail to enjoy at home using just 4 ingredients.
6 May 2020

Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill is food for the brain! Learning a new language improves your memory and decision making skills, chess improves your concentration and painting can even lower the risk of memory loss.
6 May 2020

5 smoothie recipes to get you through the day

Packed full of nutritional goodness and known to help prevent dehydration, aid digestion and enhance immunity, smoothies are a wellness wonder.
5 May 2020

Pork tonkatsu recipe

Try out our delicious recipe for pork tonkatsu, shredded cabbage and sticky rice.