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6 May 2020

Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill is food for the brain! Learning a new language improves your memory and decision making skills, chess improves your concentration and painting can even lower the risk of memory loss.
6 May 2020

5 smoothie recipes to get you through the day

Packed full of nutritional goodness and known to help prevent dehydration, aid digestion and enhance immunity, smoothies are a wellness wonder.
5 May 2020

Pork tonkatsu recipe

Try out our delicious recipe for pork tonkatsu, shredded cabbage and sticky rice.
5 May 2020

What's on in Watford

Home to many theatres, music venues and fascinating exhibits, Watford is a town full of arts and culture. Despite not being able to explore the venues in person at the moment we are still able to attend events ‘virtually’ online.
1 May 2020

Writing your family tree

In recent years genealogy has become a popular interest. Many of us have watched celebrities dive into their own history in the BBC programme ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, which has only fuelled the popularity of people making their own discoveries. If it’s a topic you’ve been planning to...
30 April 2020

Virtual gardens

As gardens up and down the country remain closed, the natural world continues to flourish with the spring sunshine! We have chosen our favourite virtual garden tours for you to enjoy from home.
29 April 2020

Gardening wordsearch

Grab a cuppa and get stuck into our gardening themed wordsearch. Can you find the hidden word?
29 April 2020

Grilled sea bass recipe

A light and delicious dinner option, sea bass is also rich in both iron and calcium.
29 April 2020

Mayfield's top 10 TV shows

With many of us on the hunt for a new TV series to get stuck into, we thought we'd share our top 10 favourites.
28 April 2020

British Birdsongs

Listening to the sound of birds communicating around you is one of life’s simple pleasures. 'Bird chirping' has become clearer in recent weeks, due to less noise on the streets, according to a recent Daily Mail post . With spring upon us, and longer, brighter days ahead, now is a...
28 April 2020

The mental health benefits of gardening

Known to be an effective form of physical activity, gardening also has many mental health benefits for your overall wellbeing.
24 April 2020

Chocolate Trifle Recipe

This delicious chocolate trifle is a simple but indulgent treat.