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Moving to a new home is a big decision at any stage of life, add to that a lifetime of memories and 'stuff', and the task may feel enormous. At Mayfield Villages our property experts know everything there is to know about the property market and moving to a property in an Integrated Retirement Community. We're here to help every step of the way and will always answer your questions with honesty and empathy.

About retirement villages

What is a Mayfield retirement village?

A Mayfield retirement village is a purpose-built beautiful and secure collection of apartments, which are available to buy if you are over 55. At the centre of a Mayfield retirement village there are the facilities of the Mayfield Club of which you are automatically a member. The facilities include a cafe-bistro, swimming pool, gym and spa. It is also from here that we run the estate, maintain the grounds and properties and provide the services you require.

How big is a Mayfield retirement village?

Mayfield retirement villages vary in size, but are most commonly made up of about 250 retirement properties.

Can I use the facilities of other Mayfield retirement villages?

Our properties are spacious and have up to two bedrooms. If you think you’ll need more spare rooms when guests are visiting, we have guest suites available at all of the Mayfield retirement villages. There is a modest charge for using these rooms.

Is there anywhere for my friends and family to stay when they visit me?

Our properties are spacious and have up to two bedrooms. If you think you’ll need more spare rooms when guests are visiting, we have guest suites available at all of the Mayfield retirement villages. There is a modest charge for using these rooms.

Are Mayfield retirement villages age exclusive?

Yes. As a general rule if you're under 55, you'll have to wait to move into a Mayfield retirement village.

Who is available at night?

Two members of the Mayfield Villages Care team will be on duty throughout the night and can assist in the event of an emergency. They will regularly patrol the village. There is also availability of 24 hour care.

Do your villages have links with the local community?

Indeed they do. And they contribute to the local community also. We recruit locally, we use local suppliers wherever possible and we encourage local people to visit and use the Mayfield Club facilities. Visitors are always welcome because they add to the atmosphere and the sense of the community.

Who manages a Mayfield retirement village?

Every Mayfield village is managed by our own in-house specialist team - to ensure continuity and consistency. A fully-trained and experienced General Manager oversees the day-to-day running of operations and co-ordinates a dedicated team which provides services such as catering, property maintenance, cleaning and security.

What is an ARCO Integrated Retirement Community?

Integrated Retirement Communities offer people the opportunity to live independently in their own home as part of a wider community. Lifestyle, wellbeing and care services are available to support people’s independence and aspirations. The Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO) says these communities are the fast-emerging ‘lifestyle option’ for older people, sitting between ‘sheltered housing’ where minimal support is provided, and ‘care’ or ‘nursing’ homes, which are increasingly focussed on supporting people with higher levels of care needs. Mayfield Villages is an ARCO approved operator of Integrated Retirement Communities. Find out more here:

Facilities and wellness

Can my friends and family use the facilities at the Mayfield Club?

Your visitors are most welcome to use any facilities within your village. We offer family swim sessions twice a week at Mayfield Watford.

Can I use the facilities of other Mayfield retirement villages?

Yes, when you become an owner with Mayfield Villages you can use all the Mayfield Club facilities at any Mayfield retirement village as little or as much as you like. Currently Mayfield Watford in Hertfordshire is the only open village, although Mayfield Brent Cross is in development.

Is there a shop in an Mayfield retirement village?

Yes, this sells the essentials including bread, milk, newspapers, drinks and dry goods. And we can provide help with shopping locally or online.

When can I use the gym and swimming pool?

Our Mayfield Club is open 8am until 8pm 7 days a week. Owners are welcome to enjoy the swimming pool or gym during these times.

About your Mayfield home

Do I own my own home?

Yes. Each property in an Mayfield retirement village is sold on a long-leasehold basis, of up to 250 years. It is your home, held as your own asset - and, of course, you are free to sell at any stage, on the open market. So you are able to enjoy the benefits of a continued investment in a property of your own.

How does a leasehold work?

If you own the freehold of a property you own everything from the ground the property sits on to the air above it in perpetuity. If you own a leasehold property you own a clearly-defined extent, often excluding the structure of the building. You own the leasehold interest for a fixed term of years following which, if the lease is not extended, the property will revert to the freehold owner.

What type of Mayfield property can I buy?

We have one and two bedroom apartments to choose from. 

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, all well behaved pets are welcome, though we do ask that you let us know before you move in.

Do I stay in control of my household bills?

You are responsible for paying your own utility bills, council tax and television licence fee as well as arranging your contents and personal belongings insurance.

Can I make improvements or changes to my house?

Yes, but we do ask that you discuss the proposed changes with the General Manager of the village and agree what it is you plan to do.

Will my home be looked after if I am away?

You can go on holiday or visit your relatives for as long as you please, knowing that your home is looked after. All properties are fitted with a smoke alarm linked to the central monitoring system. There are also closed-circuit television cameras around the estate. If you wish, we can also inspect your home while you are away and make any arrangements for your return, including opening up and stocking your fridge.

Will I be able to stay in my home as long as I choose?

The whole ethos of Mayfield is to provide luxury accommodation for you as an active, independent person, while also catering for whatever needs you may have in the future.

Can I get domestic help or home care should I choose it?

Yes, via Mayfield Villages Care. Mayfield Villages Care provides expert help for a range of domestic and general housekeeping tasks. Our team is always available to lend a hand, be it for a few days or only on specific occasions. You’re in complete control — and you’ll only pay for the services you use.

Can you help me to sell my home if I want to in the future?

Yes. When you come to sell your home, our staff will ensure every effort is made to complete the sale as quickly and as efficiently as possible. On all resales Mayfield will charge a sales administration fee of 1% of the greater of the achieved market price or agreed valuation. This covers the costs that Mayfield incurs in administering sales and explaining the Mayfield retirement living concept to prospective buyers. If you instruct Mayfield to also market your property to our database and waiting lists, an additional fee of 2% of the sales value is charged. These fees can vary on some leases so please speak to your sales advisor to confirm.

About fees and charges

What is the monthly management fee?

The monthly management fee covers all the ongoing costs of running the village and the expense of any major works required. It will be invoiced to you every month and you can pay it either by direct debit, cheque or in cash. Download the key facts and fees for a new property or a pre-owned property at Mayfield Watford.

What is included in my monthly management fee?

Your monthly management fee covers ongoing costs such as maintaining the exterior of your home, your building insurance, your Mayfield Club Membership, providing discreet but effective security maintaining the village and the village grounds, as well as fees associated with managing and operating Mayfield Villages. Additionally at some point in the future, expensive structural repairs or improvements will become necessary, for instance, resurfacing roadways and pathways or reroofing properties. See our Fees page for a full list of the services covered by the fees,

In addition to everything included in the monthly management fee, a comprehensive range of additional goods and services is offered at each Mayfield village should you wish to take advantage of them. These vary from village to village and include things such as food and drink from the cafe-bistro, hairdressing, shopping, laundry, housekeeping etc. For your convenience, the cost of these additional services is added to your monthly invoice if you use them.

Download the Key Facts Document for new properties

Download the Key Facts Document for pre-owned properties

Download the Fees Document 

Will my monthly management fee ever increase?

The management fee increases annually in line with the higher of the Annual Earnings Index and the Retail Price Index - so you can be sure it won't rise to unacceptable levels. We maintain regular dialogue with you about the services offered as part of the monthly management fee. And we give you at least a month’s notice of the RPI percentage increase for the following year. If we are unable to provide a service covered by the charge we would make alternative arrangements.

How much do I pay?

The monthly fee varies a little from one Mayfield village to another, depending on the location. To find out more about specific costs in one of our Mayfield villages, please contact us.

What is the deferred management charge?

The deferred management charge will cost you nothing while you are living in a Mayfield retirement village. It's only payable if and when you come to sell or let your home. You pay the deferred management charge by contributing a small percentage of the sale price or value of your home upon selling or letting. The deferred management charge is either 1% or 2% per year of occupation.

Download the Fees Explained Document