Connect with loved ones this Christmas


10 December 2020

Often a time for friends and families to come together, the festive season is looking to be a little different this year. As many of us are looking to technology to help ensure we can still celebrate with our loved ones, we’ve got 5 top tips so you can still feel connected whilst being at home.

1. Deliver a Christmas letter

Extend the Christmas tradition of a Christmas card and include a heartfelt letter inside. Christmas cards don’t always allow enough space to capture everything you would like to convey, so why not add a detailed letter inside.


2. Send a surprise gift

Sending a surprise parcel in the post is a lovely way to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them and with many gifts - including flowers - being letterbox-friendly, you know it can be delivered straight into their home.

3. Ask for videos and photos of your grandchildren

With camera phones at our fingertips, ask your friends and family to share photos of your grandchildren or something that made them smile that day. A video of your mini relatives or their pets doing the funniest things is always a sure-fire way to brighten your day.


4. Arrange a mini book or TV club

Having a shared interest is a great way to connect with others over phone, text or video call. Arrange with a friend to read the same book or watch the same TV series and share your thoughts. We have some book recommendations to get you started here.

5. Book a virtual get-together

Save a virtual space at the dinner table for your friends and family and set up your tablet, laptop or phone so you can sit down to dinner together – why not have an after dinner quiz with each member of the family contributing a round?

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