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5 October 2020

5 ways to tackle the autumn blues

Here our are top 5 ways to help lift your spirits and tackle those autumn blues.
16 September 2020

Lost treasures in your attic

Increased time at home has encouraged many of us to finally tackle that pile of ever accumulating bric a brac in the attic or in the cupboard under the stairs… but is some of it worth more than you think?
11 September 2020

Picnic in the Park event

A Picnic in the Park event was recently hosted at Mayfield Watford to show owners and prospects the progress being made of the construction of the new Watford retirement village.
1 September 2020

Carrot cake recipe

This delicious but simple carrot cake recipe is a perfect treat to accompany a cup of tea or coffee.
11 August 2020

Stay hydrated for a healthy body and mind

Water is the single most vital ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. Read our top six tips to remind you to stay hydrated in the UK heatwave of 2020.
6 August 2020

Holiday inspired home decor

Design tips to refresh your home decor, inspired by the most popular holiday destinations.
5 August 2020

Grow your own veg from cuttings

Ever wished you could make your leftover uncooked vegetables go further? Well it turns out you can. Read our top tips on which vegetables can be grown from merely a cutting.
3 August 2020

The Mayfield quiz

Pens at the ready - it's quiz time!
3 August 2020

Mayfield summer reading list

For all you book worms out there, we’ve collated a list of books to keep you reading throughout the summer with the help of goodreads.com .
22 July 2020

Out and about around Watford

If you would like to see how the construction work is progressing at Mayfield Watford or you’ve not visited the area, please watch our short video.
15 July 2020

Mayfield Watford at a glance

Take a sneak peek at what is to come, as we look ahead to our first retirement village, Mayfield Watford in Hertfordshire.
14 July 2020

A picture says a thousand words

They say a picture says a thousand words, so if you’ve decided to make this medium your new outlet, you might find our tips for creating the perfect picture helpful.