Hear from Mayfield owners


09 September 2021

At Mayfield you stay firmly in control, with complete freedom and independence to live the life you choose. With 24/7 security, you have peace of mind in a secure and beautiful environment as you own your own home within a vibrant community of like-minded people.

Some of our current Mayfield Watford owners have kindly shared on video their thoughts on why they are making the move to Mayfield Watford once the village is complete in 2022. 

"The concept of the village really appealed to us." (Mr and Mrs Somers)

"When I saw the effort from Mayfield I thought, oh yes this is just what I'm looking for. I wanted somewhere where, in my senior years, I could have a quality of life." (Mrs Wellington)

"What attracted me was the general ethos of living to the end of your life, not just sitting round in a circle in an old people's home somewhere. New places to explore and a new life to live." (Miss Mee)

"One of my main reasons for moving in is that I didn't want to become overly reliant on my family as I get older. It's certainly a comfort to know that there's someone close at hand if you need that bit of support." (Mr McAulay)

"The buying process couldn't have been made easier by Mayfield, they've been so helpful. Because I've bought on the top floor, my Penthouse as I call it, I shall just be able to slip upstairs to the rooftop garden." (Miss Mee)

"I think the best thing Mayfield offers is to be part of a community so you're not lonely. It's a new beginning, a new adventure. Next chapter of your life." (Mrs Birch)

At Mayfield, we take a fresh approach to retirement living. Mayfield’s first retirement village is located a short distance from Watford town centre on Thomas Sawyer Way.  When completed, the new village will have 255 contemporary one and two bedroom apartments, as well as a swimming pool, gym, spa, café-bistro and village hall.

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