A way of life that makes excellent financial sense

When considering moving, you’ll want to make sure the figures add up, and you’re making a smart long-term financial decision.

Here at Mayfield Villages, we believe in being completely transparent with all of our fees from the beginning, so you don’t have to worry about any extra surprises along the way. We want you to make a decision you are comfortable with and enjoy the process.

Protecting your biggest asset

One of the huge benefits of buying a home at a Mayfield village is that you still retain what is possibly your biggest asset; your property. Our properties are sold on a leasehold basis, so you can enjoy the benefits of owning a retirement property without many of the usual responsibilities such as upkeep and external maintenance.

You will have the financial security of a beautiful home while enjoying a new way of life at a Mayfield village and all that it has to offer.

Making finances simple and stress-free

Splitting the cost

We collect a monthly management fee and a deferred management charge to cover all the ongoing costs of running the village and the expense of any major works.

These fees cover exterior maintenance of your home, building insurance, Mayfield Club membership, 24/7 security, village and grounds upkeep, and charges associated with the business such as staffing. It also helps to ensure that, when the time comes, we can cover the costs of structural repairs or improvements such as reroofing or resurfacing roads and pathways.

Monthly payments

Invoices are sent monthly, and there is an annual increase applied on 1st March, based on the retail price index % (supplied by the ONS) or Annual Earnings index, whichever is higher from the previous December.

We hold regular meetings with owners about our services and charges. We always give owners a minimum of one month notice of the RPI percentage increase for the following year. If we are unable to provide a service covered by the fee, we will make alternative arrangements to fulfil your need. There are different payment options available, and these will be discussed during your visit.

Deferred management charge

There’s also a deferred management charge that is payable from the sale of your home, or change of occupier. This means everyone who lives in a Mayfield village can relax, knowing there will always be enough funds to carry out any works, maintain the continued high standard of the village and ensure that each property has the ability to increase its value within the housing market.

You don’t pay anything until you sell your property; you contribute a percentage of the greater of the achieved market price or agreed valuation of the property per year or part-year of occupation before receiving the proceeds.


The best possible price with the least amount of stress.

When you come to sell your home, our staff will help complete the sale as quickly and as efficiently as possible. On all resales, Mayfield will charge a sale administration fee of 1% of the greater of the achieved market price or agreed valuation. This covers the costs that Mayfield Villages incurs in administering sales and explaining our retirement living concept to prospective buyers.

More about the reselling process and fees

How do you sell?

There are two options to be able to sell your property. You can direct a traditional estate agent and negotiate fees directly with your agent. Alternatively, we can market your property to our database and waiting lists. At Mayfield Villages, we charge a 2% sales agency fee for the sales value achieved.

What services are included for the 2% agency fee?

The services we provide for the additional sales agency fee will include:

  • Handling enquiries from prospective buyers.
  • Arranging viewings of your home.
  • Carry out viewings of your home and give a full tour of the village.
  • A thorough description of our services and offerings, including the club facilities and village activities.
  • A full explanation of our Mayfield Villages Care services.
  • Health and wellbeing assessments of prospective buyers.
  • Agreement and delivery of appropriate home care packages – if needed.
  • A full clarification of the terms of the lease.
  • Instruction to our solicitors to handle purchaser’s solicitors’ queries.
  • Handling sales from reservation to completion.
  • Staff assistance with packing, removals, utility transfers etc.
  • While you are free to change from Mayfield to an agent at any point in the sale process, the sales administration fee will remain payable to us, as this covers the costs that we incur in all resales.

We are always entirely open and transparent with you about our fees, so please get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.