Mrs Hart

Image: Mrs Hart

"I'm busy here every day"

Image: Mrs Hart


27 April 2023

Mrs Hart owns a property at Mayfield Watford and is not only an integral member of the community but actively champions new groups and activities. As one of the first homeowners to move to Mayfield Watford when it opened in September 2022, Mrs Hart has welcomed many new faces over recent months.

I’m a great observer. It’s really rather lovely to see people together, making friendships.

Mayfield Watford was officially opened by the Mayor of Watford Borough Council on the 9th February this year. Apart from the residents there were many visitors in attendance including Nick Sanderson, Mayfield’s CEO, and many other dignitaries.

The day was a complete success. All welcomed with Champagne followed by a wonderful spread with everything imaginable available to eat, all enjoyed whilst a 3 piece band played beautifully in the background.

Since that official launch event we have travelled to a few places… We had a Greek evening (no smashing of plates though), a Spanish evening with a guitarist and Flamenco dancer, a French evening with a singer and accompaniment, a Turkish evening with a belly dancer and a karaoke evening with a DJ to celebrate St George’s Day. The staff joined in with all these events, as always. The ambience is always great and the food excellent.

I can honestly say I’m busy here every day. There’s always something on offer. I’m off to a garden centre, then a shopping trip to Marks & Spencer, then a Karaoke evening here the following night. I even had the mayor for dinner last week.

We are always kept occupied. On the other hand if we don’t wish to always take part, that is fine too.

I’m happy here. It’s the best decision that my husband and I made together. Unfortunately he died just prior to me moving in but I know he would have loved it here.

Thank you Mrs Hart for sharing your experience of living at Mayfield Watford.