General knowledge trivia

Posted in Blog on 27th May 2020

Put your knowledge to the test with our multiple choice, general knowledge quiz! Or if you need a round for your virtual quiz this week, consider the work done for you. Click here to download a printable version.

1. How many years are celebrated in a diamond wedding anniversary?

a. 40
b. 50
c. 60

2. Which band’s music is featured in the film Mamma Mia?

b. The Beatles
c. Queen

3. Which is the heaviest planet in the solar system?

a. Jupiter
b. Saturn
c. Neptune

4. In what year was the BBC medical drama Casualty first broadcast?

a. 1984
b. 1986
c. 1990

5. What animal is the symbol in the astrological zodiac of Capricorn?

a. Bull
b. Horse
c. Goat

6. Which of these countries does not have a land border with Panama?

a. Costa Rica
b. Mexico
c. Colombia

7. Who wrote the novel, Of Mice and Men?

a. George Orwell
b. Harper Lee
c. John Steinbeck

8. How many keys are there on a standard modern piano?

a. 66
b. 77
c. 88

9. Which driver won his first Formula One World Championship in 2008?

a. David Coulthard
b. Lewis Hamilton
c. Jenson Button

10. Which country was the first to give women the right to vote?

a. Canada
b. Australia
c. New Zealand

11. What is the name given to a baby squirrel?

a. A kitten
b. A fledgling
c. A squill

12. What nationality was the painter, Picasso?

a. Spanish
b. Italian
c. French

13. Who wrote about The Pie and the Patty Pan, Ginger and Pickles and Timmy Tiptoes?

a. Rudyard Kipling
b. Lewis Carroll
c. Beatrix Potter

14. What is the national flower of Scotland?

a. Bluebell
b. Thistle
c. Primrose

15. Which actor played Detective Inspector Frost in A Touch of Frost?

a. Nicholas Lyndhurst
b. David Jason
c. John Nettles

How do you think you did?

Click here to download the answers.

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