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Top tips to help you sell your property

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18 October 2021

There are a number of fundamental steps you can take to improve your chances of selling your property for the right price. The key to attracting buyers is to catch their eye when they see your listing online, and then catch their heart once they visit your property in person. To give you a helping hand, we’ve broken down a few key tips to help you master this process and move you onto the next step of your property journey.

1. Tidy your home's interior and exterior

When a potential buyer comes to view your property, they’ll be looking at it through the context of their requirements, preferences and style. However, if your floors are messy, your garden wild and unkempt, and your personal belongings strewn across the property, potential buyers may find it hard to visualise themselves comfortably living there.

The best way to make prospective buyers fall in love with your home is to show them how good it can look. Make sure any items that are laying around are put away or placed out of sight, and mow the lawns so that your gardens look tidy and inviting. If the property looks as though it’s being taken care of, potential buyers are more likely to trust you as a seller and see the house in a better light.


2. DIY for imperfections

However long you’ve lived in your house, the property will inevitably have suffered from natural wear and tear. Whilst it’s completely expected and almost unavoidable, removing traces of this natural wear is good practice when selling your property. Any marks, scuffs or stains should be removed as much as possible, so that potential buyers are greeted with the best version of your home.

Equally, if there’s DIY you’ve been meaning to do but never got round to, such as putting up shelving or fixing a broken hinge, doing it as soon as possible will give you a much better chance of success. The aim is to make your home’s interior and exterior look fresh, clean and like-new.

As they say, the devil’s in the details, and all these small touches will have a big impact on how your property is perceived by prospective buyers.


3. Think 'show home'

When you visit a show home, the space inside will be ‘staged’. Staging is the creation of a home aesthetic that balances a blank canvas-feel with a stylish ‘comfort’ look. Potential buyers should be able to visualise themselves happily living in your home, but also envisioning their own changes in your space.

Whilst your home isn’t a show home, it’s still worth thinking about how you can make your property accessible to all potential buyers, whilst balancing the comforting ‘home’ feel. If you’re unsure where to begin, start small by adding accessories like incense sticks on tabletops, placing indoor plants on shelving, or re-arranging furniture to make a room appear more spacious.

Remember that you’re trying to entice buyers who may have different tastes and preferences to you. This can come to a head through strong scents in a house, such as food aromas, pet smells or even lingering perfume. Air your house prior to viewings by opening windows and doors for a steady flow of fresh air. This should remove any stubborn smells, giving your house a chance to breathe before your upcoming viewings.


4. Pets at home

Not all buyers have pets; some don’t like animals at all, and some may be allergic to them. Rather than risking a qualified buyer’s interest, take any pets out for the day or leave them with a neighbour until the viewing is over. Although it might seem like an unnecessary hassle in the short term, the risk of putting off potential buyers is a lot more costly in the long run. To ensure there aren’t any allergy triggers in your home, be sure to remove any pet hairs from furniture and flooring. Here at Mayfield, our Watford retirement village allows pets. You own your own retirement property and you can of course keep the things you love, including your beloved pets!


5. Consider part exchange

If you are in a rush to buy a new property, or perhaps yours has been on the market for some time and the techniques above just aren't doing the trick, consider part exchanging into a retirement property. At Mayfield Watford, to make your move simpler when buying a new home, we can guarantee the sale of your current home. We’ll arrange the purchase of your new Mayfield apartment through our part exchange partner, which means no viewings, no fees and no chain to worry about.

6. Take the next step in your property journey

Putting these tips into practise is a lot easier when you’ve got an exciting move on the horizon. However, expenses can soon add up during property moves, dampening the enjoyment of the new journey ahead. When you move to a beautiful new property in a retirement village, everything is taken care of for a stress-free move. Our Watford properties all benefit from Mayfield's moving package, helping you look forward to moving in to your new retirement property in 2022.

Take the next step in your property journey by buying a retirement home that gives you everything you need, and even puts money back into your pocket!


Mayfield Watford retirement village is currently under development and will be complete in 2022. The Watford retirement show apartment will be available soon, with the first Mayfield owners, who have purchased off plan, moving in next year.