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The mental health benefits of gardening

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28 April 2020

Known to be an effective form of physical activity, gardening also has many mental health benefits for your overall wellbeing. Whether it’s spending time outside in the communal gardens or cultivating your houseplants - as your plants thrive so will you and here are just a few ways gardening is beneficial to your mental health.

Increasing happy hormones

Known as the ‘stress hormone’, cortisol has a big impact on our health, mood and memory. Research has shown spending a few hours a week tending to plants, getting fresh air and enjoying green spaces can help lower cortisol levels in our bodies resulting in an uplift in mood and feelings of happiness.


Physical exercise

From digging and potting, to planting and watering, gardening is a great way to keep physically active and help to get that all important exercise each week contributing to a healthy mind.

Connecting with nature

Plants are living things and as we connect with nature and concentrate on the plants’ needs it can help us overcome negative thoughts and feelings of self-absorption and has known to improve moods and concentration. Find out the best plants for inside your home and balcony here.


Herb garden

With parsley helping to keep your bones healthy, rosemary and peppermint good for digestion and sage known to help with memory performance, brain functioning and focus there are countless benefits of growing (and eating!) your own fresh herbs. Spring is one of the best times to plant your herbs, so take a look at our spring gardening tips here.

Have some fun

Gardening doesn’t have to be an individual activity, swapping planting tips and sharing advice with your neighbours and other green-fingered friends is a great way to interact with others. Socialising with people who have similar interests boost feelings of human connection and is known to be good for your overall mental wellbeing.