Image: Chocolate raspberry tart

Baked chocolate and raspberry tart recipe

Image: Chocolate raspberry tart


19 May 2020

This simple chocolate and raspberry tart requires only a few ingredients and is a delicious sweet treat to whip up one weekend.


For the pastry

  • 250 plain flour
  • 125 butter
  • 50 caster sugar
  • 1 whole egg
  • 2 tablespoons of milk
  • Few drops vanilla essence

For the tart

  • 200ml double / whipping cream
  • 325g dark chocolate
  • 100g raspberries
  • 50g unsalted butter


  1. To make the pastry, rub the flour, sugar and softened butter together until you achieve a breadcrumb like mixture. Add the egg, milk and vanilla and mix the ingredients together, being careful not to over mix. Wrap in clean film and place in the fridge for about half an hour.
  2. On a flour dusted surface, roll the pastry until it’s about ½ inch thick. Place in a non-stick tart ring and top with grease proof paper. Cover all of the paper using baking beans or rice and cook in the oven at 160c for 27 minutes. Then remove the paper and the baking beans/rice and leave in the oven for a further 5-8 minutes. Leave to cool before making the tart.
  3. When you’re ready to make the tart, heat the cream in a medium-sized saucepan over a low heat. Just before it begins to boil, remove the pan from the heat and stir in the chocolate until it has all melted.
  4. Scatter the raspberries in the bottom of the tart and pour in the chocolate cream mixture. Leave to cool a little before chilling in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  5. When you’re ready to serve the tart, a quick blast with a blow torch over the surface brings the cocoa butter out to give a great gloss. Slice the tart into thick wedges using a sharp knife that has been warmed under running hot water. This will ensure a smooth finish.

Chef’s tip: It’s delicious when served with a spoonful of hazelnut crème fraîche and a few extra raspberries on the side.