Image: Mayfield Watford

An update from CEO Nick Sanderson

Image: Mayfield Watford


22 October 2020

Navigating this year has been challenging for Mayfield Villages, as it has been for all of us. It became clear very early on that we had some difficult and quick decisions to make about how we operate. I'm pleased to say that we have had some terrific feedback from staff, owners and people still on their journey to buying their own home in a Mayfield village.

Following the summer filled with glorious weather, high expectations and the hope that things were getting better, we are all now faced with making considerable adjustments to our lives once again. 

What we have learned this year is the true benefit of living in a retirement village community. Living in a purpose-designed home where you can live safely, live well, and with a great lifestyle and facilities.

This year has brought new sales, new interest, and a new enthusiasm for future Mayfield projects. I am grateful for the fantastic response from you as our future owners. Every Mayfield Village will be a wonderful place to live.

As you will know, there have been delays for our first village in Watford. It is really hard to get things built in this climate, but we will be cracking on again very soon. There are also new retirement property developments coming online, which will be announced next year.

I really believe that the advantages of living in a Mayfield retirement village have been reinforced this year, and for those of you on your journey towards ownership I very much look forward to meeting you all soon. For now, I'd like to thank you all for your patience and understanding and I wish you well. Keep yourself safe and take care of each other. Thank you.