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Posted in Blog on 23rd June 2020

It's quiz time again! Test your general knowledge with the second in our series of Together at Home quizzes. If you would like to print out the quiz to use it for a quiz night with family friends, click here to download a printable version.

1. Which dried fruits are used to make sticky toffee pudding?

a. Figs
b. Dates
c. Raisins

2. Apart from pineapple juice and coconut cream, what is the main ingredient of a Piña Colada?

a. Gin
b. Rum
c. Vodka

3. What ingredient is needed to turn bread into French toast?

a. Cheese
b. Peppers
c. Egg

4. What is the most expensive spice in the world by weight?

a. Saffron
b. Turmeric
c. Cinnamon

5. What is James Bond's favourite cocktail?

a. Old Fashioned
b. Vodka Martini
c. Long Island Iced Tea

6. What type of pastry are profiteroles made out of?

a. Choux
b. Filo
c. Puff

7. Which 2 drinks combine to make a ‘Black Velvet’?

a. Blackcurrant cordial and cider
b. Coffee liqueur and vodka
c. Guinness and champagne

8. What flavour soup is the bestselling in the UK?

a. Mushroom
b. Tomato
c. Vegetable

9. What type of spirit is Bacardi?

a. Tequila
b. Vodka
c. White rum

10. Eccles Cakes come from which UK county?

a. Lancashire
b. Lincolnshire
c. Yorkshire

11. What does the ‘I’ in ‘IPA Beer’ stand for?

a. International
b. Independent
c. Indian

12. Which city has the most Michelin starred restaurants?

a. Paris
b. Rome
c. Tokyo

13. Which nut do you find in pesto?

a. Pine
b. Pecan
c. Cashew

14. Gruyère is a cheese from which country?

a. Germany
b. Switzerland
c. Norway

15. Which cocktail celebrated its 100th birthday in 2019?

a. Negroni
b. Cosmopolitan
c. Mojito

How did you do?

Click here to download the answers.

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