Image: Jax Waldock

Q&A with Jax

Image: Jax Waldock


13 June 2023

Jax Waldock

Customer Service Assistant at Mayfield Watford

Jack is an integral member of the hospitality team at Mayfield Watford and we spent 10 minutes asking him what makes him tick.

Hi Jax, what do you love most about working here?

The people. Everyone goes beyond their job role to help each other out. I’ve never experienced a team environment like this before.

What has surprised you most about a retirement village?

The community is really wholesome here. It’s so good to see.

What makes you tick?

Sunshine. I’m a fair-weather kind of guy.

Where did you work previously?

I was a greenkeeper at a private members golf club, responsible for landscaping the grounds, before coming to Mayfield Watford. I like to challenge myself. I was once a rock climbing instructor who’s scared of heights. I also had a canal boat that kept sinking – not ideal for someone who can’t swim! Over the years I’ve also been a watch repairer, a landscape gardener, a social media and marketing apprentice. I love creating the posters here in my role at Mayfield Watford. I’m a Jack of all trades, master of some, but hospitality is where I like to be.

With the stunning grounds at Mayfield Watford, you’ve got the best of both worlds, here…

Absolutely! I love the greenery. It’s ultra-modern and brings nature inside. If I’m not working in hospitality I want to be outside.

A few foodie questions for you…

Are you a coffee or a tea man?

Tea, definitely.

What’s your favourite cocktail to make?

Gin and dubonnet – very simple but very strong. It’s well known as the Late Queen Mother’s favourite drink. Top tip is to add an orange garnish if you have a sweet tooth, or a lemon garnish if you prefer sour.

What’s your favourite cocktail to drink?

Spiced rum and lemonade - I could drink gallons of that. The vanilla makes it taste like cream soda.

What’s your favourite dish on the M Bar & Kitchen menu?

The pasta and lamb meatballs. Also a favourite with homeowners here. Can’t go wrong with the all day breakfast either!

What’s your favourite food from around the world?

Chinese food!

How do you like to spend your downtime?

Time outdoors is my way of recharging my batteries, especially in the sunshine. I love camping and I’m big into bushcraft, which is a collective of survival techniques from all over the world. It all comes together in bushcraft.

So you’re a good person to have around in a disaster?

Oh yes, I’m fully prepared for the apocalypse.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can breathe fire and spin fire. I got into it by accident really. I once had a skateboarding accident and was walking with sticks, which I twirled for fun. Someone handed me a fire staff at an organised event, and I could already twirl it similarly to a baton.

Do you have a favourite celebrity or Youtuber?

Joe Robinet is a bushcrafter I follow. He cooks what he catches.

Where’s your favourite place to escape?

Rickmansworth aquadrome. There are so many lakes.

Favourite place to camping?

Scotland because of the right to roam. There are only a few other countries in the world with this right – Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Thank you Jax, we feel like we know much more about the man behind the cocktails now!

General Manager Nick Vincent says Jax has been an integral part of the team here at Mayfield

The owners always look forward to catching up with Jax after his rest days as he will always have a story of an adventure to tell. Jax has been recognised as responsible person and has been trained to become a Duty Manager. I look forward to watching Jax flourish further at M Bar and Kitchen.