All you need to know about downsizing

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when considering downsizing to a smaller home but Mayfield have lots of experience to offer to support their owners with the entire process. We can make it as smooth-sailing as possible.

Many enjoy the new lease of life it gives them when starting afresh and they love the freedom they feel when they no longer have the responsibility, upkeep and cost of a larger home.

Here are four points to think about when downsizing:

1. Research

While moving to a smaller home may earn you a nice lump sum, it’s important to look at your finances. Firstly, don’t forget to factor in estate agent fees, conveyancing and stamp duty costs. Secondly, if you’re moving to a new area, property prices might be higher so check this out. Part exchange can be a great option because the sale of your property is guaranteed, there’s no chain (so you don’t need to worry about delays or last-minute offer withdrawals), and there are no estate agent fees.

Downsizing should reduce your monthly payments, given that you’ll use less heating, water and electricity in a smaller home. Our new build properties are more energy-efficient, better insulated and need less upkeep, so costs can be much lower. The extra money you’ll save each month can go towards the things you really enjoy such as holidays, hobbies and shopping.

2. Finding your perfect home

Whatever your reason for downsizing, whether to be nearer your family or for a change of scene, the area that you choose has to be right for you so explore the area first. Perhaps you’re a countyside lover or a city dweller who enjoys the hustle and bustle of busy streets, finding the right way of life is important.

Retirement villages offer the over-55s a worry-free, sociable and luxury living environment to downsize to. Growing in popularity, they provide the chance to enjoy the independence of a new home in beautiful surroundings, without the stresses of upkeep of a larger home and garden.

Mayfield offers the perfect balance between stylish, independent living and care and support should you ever need it.

3. A smooth-sailing move

Decluttering or letting go of some of your belongings can be the hardest part of downsizing. However, many people actually find the process emotional, yet refreshing. 

The first thing to do is draw a floor plan of your new space. Measure your furniture and work out where they’ll fit best. If you have items you don’t want to get rid of but know they won’t fit, offer them to a family member or put them in storage with companies such as Lovespace.

For things that are broken beyond repair or you haven’t used it for years, be ruthless and get rid of them. You can donate things to grateful charity shops or sell items at auction. Online sites such as Ebay, Gumtree and Freecycle are great ways to have a clear out and make some money – you can sell pretty much anything on them.

If doing it yourself seems too much there are specialist companies such as The Senior Move Partnership can help you with the whole relocation process. From furniture planning, to packing up your house, they can provide a hassle-free move.

4. The right move for you

Many people worry that they will lose their independence when moving to a retirement village but those who have made the move have found even more independence. With wide-ranging onsite facilities and activities you can enjoy an active social scene, and there is lots to do with friends and family when they visit.

Mayfield Villages are not your stereotypical care homes – far from it. They offer quality homes in a beautiful and fun environment where you can be as independent and sociable as you want.

Useful links to help with the move

Silverbridge Ltd: experienced part-exchange specialists

Special Auction Services: specialist and traditional auctioneers of antiques and collectables

The Senior Move Partnership: expert relocation providers, offering packing, planning and moving services

Mayfield receives a commission from Silverbridge if you choose to use them. None of the other partners receive a commission.

If the question of downsizing has been at the back of your mind for a few years, there’s no need to put it off or be afraid of the prospect. With proper planning, the search for a new home and the reorganisation that it necessitates can be extremely satisfying and rewarding – not to mention relieving.

Downsizing needn’t be a scary prospect. With proper planning, searching for a new home can be fun and rewarding. Why not visit some of our properties and experience the Mayfield lifestyle? You might find your dream home and begin a wonderful new adventure.